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What New Berlin Patients Say About Dauk Chiropractic

If you’re not one of the many people who consult our clinic from a referral, it can be helpful to hear what other patients say about their experience in our practice.



He Genuinely Cares About His Patients

When I was first referred to Dr. Dauk I was in a great deal of pain and I had difficulty lifting my two year old daughter. He immediately put a plan together to help me get better. His upbeat and professional demeanor reassured me I was in the right place. I had always been a bit apprehensive about going to a chiropractor. Dr. Jeff’s knowledge and caring attitude is second to none. He genuinely cares about his patients and is constantly looking for ways to improve his practice.

Twelve years later I am still seeing Dr. Dauk, but now it’s on a once a month basis for maintenance. I look forward to my appointments and I have never had another problem with my back. I owe that to Dr. Dauk and I am very blessed to have him taking care of me.

~Ben B.

Amazing Work

Dr. Dauk does amazing work and my overall health has improved with every visit. He is a wealth of knowledge and knows how to get your body back on track! Thank you for being so passionate about your work and truly putting the needs of your patients first. I greatly appreciate it, thank you!

~Elizabeth S.


Everyone I interacted with was not only nice, but compassionate. They cared that my back didn’t feel well. They understood that some of the questions on the forms might be confusing but encouraged me to just leave them blank then… I was a person to them.

~ Amy L.

Noticeable Improvement

I wish I would have found Dr. Dauk years ago! I love the way he explains things, making them very easy to understand. He does not push unnecessary procedures and best of all he is very gentle. I had noticeable improvement with a long term neck issue after only my second treatment! I will definitely continue to see Dr. Dauk. He is the best!

~ Ellen P.

Very Satisfied

I have been very satisfied with my progress so far, Dr. Dauk spends time with me so I fully understand my treatment plan. He has a very gentle approach in his treatment of patients. I am so happy that I made my first appointment to get help.

~ Heidi T.

Skilled and Competent Practitioner

Dr. Dauk is a skilled and competent practitioner, as well as a man of integrity. He’s professional and compassionate and trustworthy. I highly recommend him.

~ Jennifer S.

Very Thorough and Complete

I greatly appreciate how detailed Dr. Dauk is in his explanations – in the initial exam, the follow-up report of findings appointment, and treatment appointments. Very thorough and complete. The videos are also wonderful in providing additional information.

~ Jean H.

Soft-Manipulation “feels” Promising

It’s hard to wrap my mind around that, after ALL of the other “painful” but ineffective treatments, Dr. Dauk’s methods with soft-manipulation “feels” like the most promising.

~ Kimberly D.

Dr. Jeff Has Been a Lifesaver

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff’s now for over 20 years. I had a pretty significant low back injury and I’ve been seeing him the whole time.

I do massage therapy by trade, so I’m pretty familiar with bodies and how we’re put together and what goes wrong. What I can say is, over these years is, Dr. Jeff has basically been a lifesaver for me on many, many occasions when my pain factor got to be more than I could take sometimes.

I have avoided surgery, though many doctors have said that should have back surgery. I’m 52 years old and I’m trying to not have back surgery. Basically, Dr. Jeff has kept me functional all these years. There have been times when the pain was so bad I could not walk, but he got me walking usually in a day or two.

Especially for low back pain, low back injuries, I can’t think of a better way, a more healthy way, more gentle way, to treat the injury, to treat the pain and to restore wellness and balance to the body.

If I had not been able to see Dr. Jeff for all these years, I’m sure I would’ve had surgery a long time ago. I’ve been able to avoid that. I don’t use pain medications, I use any of that. I come here, I see Dr. Jeff.

When I remember to come regularly, I can definitely tell the difference and I feel so much better. Sometimes I don’t and then he sees me when I have a flare up and he reminds me every so gently that regular maintenance is a good idea.

Take my word for it. It’s the best thing you can possibly do… to take care of yourself…work with Dr. Jeff.

~Tom C.

Very Gentle and Very Effective

“We’ve used chiropractic for about 35 years, but we’ve come to his (Dr. Dauk’s) office at least half of that time. About 6 months ago I had a problem with my left wrist and I thought uh oh…carpal tunnel. I was thinking what doctor can I go to? My husband kept saying well why don’t you call Dr. Dauk? I thought well this is my wrist, not my back. but I finally thought I better call him, at least to see if he knows a place to send me. His wife told me he works on wrists. So I came out and rather than having cortisone shots or tendons cut, he gave me a few adjustments and now I have to think which wrist was that I was having problems with? I like Dr. Dauk because of the method he uses….it’s very gentle and very effective. Dr. Dauk has my vote!”

~ Julia Lundberg

I Got Immediate Relief

I first came to Dr. Dauk probably 15 years ago. I was referred by a friend who was an occupational therapist. I had gone into work and she saw me looking like the crooked old woman who lived in a shoe. She said “I have someone you need to see.”

I had a problem, probably 30 years ago with two herniated discs. They periodically would flare up and cause me a great deal of pain, racking pain and then it would subside.
I had gone to an orthopedic surgeon. I had seen an orthopedic person. I had done numerous kinds of therapy, pool therapy, exercise therapy, traction, you name it, I’d done it.

When I left his office after my first appointment I was standing up straight. When I went in, I was bent about 45 degrees from the waist up. I got immediate relief and I was hooked. Since that time I come in when I do something foolish and it flares up. Generally, I will know that I’ve moved wrong or didn’t stretch properly….

I can’t thank Dr. Dauk and his staff enough. I probably have referred over 35 people to him. I’m always astonished how much better I feel.

Don’t be skeptical. Don’t wait. He really can help you feel better. There’s nothing like it. I’ve never gotten such relief and so fast as I have with Dr. Dauk.

~ Joanne Reilly-Lamb

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